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One in five people worldwide have no control over their identity

One in five people around the globe have no control over their identity

Many people have never had an ID card because they live in isolated communities


Others will have lost theirs having fled their homes due to war, famine or natural disasters

In some countries, a child with no birth certificate or other formal identification card or document cannot gain admission to school

Identification is a key enabler for achieving development targets because universal registration gives individuals the documentation they need to secure their legal identity and their ensuing rights.

Identity documents can be forgotten, lost, destroyed or stolen during a refugee’s journey, and those who are fleeing persecution based on some aspect of their identity (e.g. nationality, religion, ethnic group or political affiliation) might make a decision not to travel with documentation.

In times of war, it is often impossible to replace lost identity documents. Those who fear political persecution are unable to approach government authorities, and citizens who live abroad may have difficulty sourcing original documents


Refugees and Identity by GSMA [2018], read e-document

Magicard’s ProntoPK gives people their identity

Magicard’s portable ID printer, the ProntoPK, delivers ID to individuals at point of greatest need

For dispersed communities, refugees or otherwise displaced people, the ProntoPK represents a lifeline to control of their identity and destiny

The printer is portable, rugged and secure and with its high capacity battery ProntoPK can deliver ID cards all day in the toughest of environments


The ProntoPK comes in a rugged IP67 Mil-spec carrying case including all components and supplies so users have everything they need


The app-based software for the ProntoPK supports the acquisition of both individual photographs and fingerprint biometric data and operates on both Android and iOS devices


The process of printing an ID card using the ProntoPK from capturing imagery and scanning fingerprints through to printing averages under a minute per person

Disaster response

Following natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods or volcanic eruptions populations can be displaced

Agencies using the ProntoPK can reinstate identity cards within a matter of hours: reducing the impact of loss and helping people get back on their feet, gain access to services and return to normality as quickly as possible

Humanitarian crises

War, famine and disease are causes of mass migration across the planet. Refugees have often fled their homes with nothing but the clothes they wear

The ProntoPK can be taken to camps and communities spread far and wide by car, motorbike or light aircraft

Since it is self-contained the printer does not need access to utilities to operate meaning it can deliver ID to these displaced people at point of greatest impact and need

24/7 operation

The 12.8v battery which powers the ProntoPK has enough charge to run the printer for a full day. The dye-film will need changing before the battery needs charging.

The Pronto PK package contains:

  • IP67 Mil-spec carrying case
  • AC converter and leads
  • Downloadable app
  • 12.8v Lithium battery
  • Mains charger
  • Cards
  • Dye-film
  • Cleaning kit
The Pronto Portable Kit

The ProntoPK

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Designed and made in Britain by Magicard Ltd

Designed and built in Great Britain by Magicard Ltd